There IS power in vulnerability.

by Jaclyn McCabe August 31, 2023


The shirt is not wrong. There IS power in vulnerability.

Maybe you're like me, and your hurt bits would rather eat an (emotional) bag of donuts than show up and be vulnerable with anyone.

So why do the scary thing like opening ourselves up?

While vulnerability may seem counterintuitive to strength, it is, in fact, a testament to it––one of those 100% annoying paradoxes.  

When we push past our comfort zones, we evolve into stronger versions of ourselves. It takes tremendous strength to reveal our insecurities and uncertainties, admit our mistakes, and seek help when needed.

When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable (even if we are shaking on the inside), we create a space for genuine understanding and empathy in our relationships.

And if a scary thing like rejection does come true, it simply shows us that person wasn't worthy of our trust, and it may be more beneficial to focus on the relationships that are.

Moreover, if Roy Kent has taught us anything, vulnerability can be sexy AF.

So, how about we walk this path of strength-through-vulnerability together? Let's carve out a space where you can embrace every bit of who you are. No judgment, no hiding, just acceptance.

I'm offering a free session to kickstart your journey towards total self-acceptance. Let's chat, laugh, maybe even wrestle with a few emotional conundrums. Because remember, your vulnerability is your strength.

Book your free total self-acceptance session with me today. Let's turn those emotional donuts into stepping stones of growth.

Jaclyn McCabe
Jaclyn McCabe