Jaclyn McCabe is a holistic life coach and body-positive advocate who believes beauty is a mindset, not a waistline.® She focuses on shutting down the inner mean girl, releasing internalized shame through self-care, stepping off the diet roller coaster, and embracing a weight-neutral lifestyle. Her holistic approach to coaching can help you replace your internalized criticism and shame with growth, acceptance, and ultimately self-love.

After spending fourteen years in fashion - championing women inside the dressing rooms, working hand-in-hand with talented designers, and scouring showrooms floors to bringing the latest trends to the plus-size shopper - she realized feeling beautiful in a new dress for a night out is excellent—and also, it doesn't create lasting change.

She decided to take her mission of radical self-acceptance for all women out of the dressing rooms and into the coaching arena. As a coach, Jaclyn helps plus-size women dig deeper and learn to love themselves wholeheartedly and forever.

In addition to coaching, Jaclyn is passionate about building a plus-size lady krewe through community events like her annual Not So Skinny Dip and hosting renowned feminist authors, movie nights, and group workshops around New Orleans.

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