Jaclyn McCabe is a certified professional coach and energy healer. Her holistic approach to coaching can help you replace your internalized criticism and shame with growth, acceptance, and, ultimately, self-grace.

After spending fourteen years in retail, championing women inside the dressing rooms, she couldn't help but notice deep cultural wounds embedded in her customers. She realized that feeling beautiful in a new dress for a night out is excellent—and also doesn't create lasting change. So, she took her mission of radial self-acceptance for all women out of the dressing room and into the healing arena. As an intuitive coach, Jaclyn helps women dig deeper and learn their inherent worth.

On the weekends, you can find Jaclyn exploring the bayous on her little boat, listening to live local music, or being knee-deep in glitter creating a new carnival costume.


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Most of my clients come to me because they want to feel good in the skin that they are in. They are convinced they are inherently too much and not enough, so they must fix something (or everything) about themselves to like themselves.

As a intuitive healer and coach, I help women release internalized criticism and shame so they can look in the mirror with grace, love, respect, and understanding.

My specialty is helping amazing women who feel like they don't quite fit into society's mold find real contentment, happiness, and a life they genuinely love.

I would love to meet with you one on one for a complimentary Total Self-Acceptance Session where we can discover what's holding you back from truly liking yourself and help you step into your worth.