Take care how you speak to yourself, you're the only one listening.

Take care how you speak to yourself, you're the only one listening.

"A seismic shift happened when I finally decided––with Jaclyn's graceful and insightful help––that the person whose acceptance and love meant the most was actually me. It's been nothing short of life-changing."

— Carrie S.

"Through working with Jaclyn, I have experienced a vast improvement in my interactions with others, less with myself. I made some big shifts in boundary setting, self-care, and self-awareness that were remarkably subtle in their development. It wasn't like a light switch got turned on, more my actions became different––and more supportive of me––in a very natural way."

— Laura A.

" I’ve learned to challenge that little mean voice in my head, and I no longer live my life ruled by my inner bully. I have gained a sense of self that I could never have imagined, along with a love and appreciation for my mind and body, all thanks to Jaclyn's gentle guidance."

— Emma M.

Spoiler alert: there is a trick to finding the happiness we seek. But it's not an outside solution like our inner mean girl wants us to believe; it's total self-acceptance.

We live in a world where we are constantly being told we are both too much and not enough. These insidious messages create insecure coping mechanisms that tell us we are inherently too much and not enough, so we think we should fix something (or everything) about ourselves so that we can like ourselves.

I call this the inner mean girl.

She's a side effect produced by unhealthy relationships that leave us blaming ourselves for everything wrong.

This can show up as comments from a past lover rumbling around in our brain and masquerading as truth. Or it can be our hurt parts unskillfully protecting us from further hurt by telling us to change this or that about ourselves. Most likely, it's both, and it is always the part that doesn't like what it sees when we look in the mirror.

I started a coaching practice to help other women, like me, free themselves from their own inner mean girls. As a certified professional coach and energy healer, I will teach you all the same powerful tools I've used to heal from unhealthy relationships.

Self-grace starts with small purposeful baby steps. The first step is as simple as signing up for a complimentary Total Self-Acceptance Session.

During your session, you'll be able to share openly about the places you've been struggling. Then, I'll offer my expert guidance on the deeper patterns that may be fueling your inner mean girl. Together, we will create a step-by-step action plan to create a life filled with happiness and freedom from self-judgment.

It's possible to start liking yourself and, dare I say, even loving yourself.

"Jaclyn helped me dig deep to find those areas where I lack the confidence to overcome my insecurities and find love within myself. Since she's done the work herself and gone through every struggle you are going through. She approaches her work with an understanding that's comforting, allowing you to be completely open in a safe space."

— Lisa L.

I cannot tell you how much my soul was fed by my Total Self-Acceptance Session. Truly, it was just what I needed, more awesome and less scary than I thought it would be! Thank you for living an "opened up" life and thereby inspiring the rest of us to do so!"

— Suzanne W.

“I just adore Jaclyn’s newsletter. I am a busy mom running my own business and I get so many emails into my mailbox that I don’t have time to read. But I always pause to read Jaclyn’s because they are fun, deep, inspiring and so to the point. And she leaves me feeling uplifted with a smile on my face”.

— Abi K