Advocate For Yourself Workshop

Jaci Blue

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Have you ever left the doctor feeling worse because of something they said about your weight?

Do you avoid regular checkups because you don't want to have another humiliating lecture about your weight?

The emotional costs associated with the healthcare system are high. That's why Saturday, March 27th, @ 12:00 CST, I'll be hosting a two-hour radical self-care workshop about advocating for yourself at the doctor. 

  • Connect with other women who share similar healthcare experiences so that you no longer feel alone in the struggle.

  • Learn facts about weight, health, and the healthcare system so that you can show up to your next appointment grounded in knowledge.

  • Learn powerful self-advocacy tools so that you know what to say in the moment.

  • Leave with a roadmap for a positive experience at your next healthcare appointment. 

Please join me via zoom to take a step towards a more loving relationship with yourself, and your next doctor's appointment could look more like this.

Sign up today; spots are limited.