Wonder Woman's magic bracelets, aka Laurel Leaf

by Jaclyn McCabe June 09, 2021

One of the ways I show up as a coach is to bring you all the things that have helped me heal. And one of the most powerful tools I have in my toolbox is plant medicine.  

Working with essential oils has been so transformative in my own healing that I became certified as a medicinal aromatherapist so that I could share their power with you. I thought I'd start by telling you my journey with my favorite essence; Laurel Leaf. 

Wisdom of the Earth Laurel Leaf WOTE

I use Wisdom of the Earth products because they are 100% pure plant essences. This means there are never any bioidenticals masquerading as real plants. Add to that, they source from small farmers and hand pour each bottle. 


When I first started on my healing journey a decade ago, I was consumed by fear, and every voice in my head led to some version of "You're doing it wrong." A mentor instructed me to wake up every morning and write out a prayer. For five years in that prayer journal, I asked to be given confidence. It wasn't until I was led to the Queen of Courage, aka Laurel Leaf, that I started to find the confidence I so deeply desired. 

I first encountered essential oils while working with a holistic coach who also practiced plant medicine through Wisdom of the Earth. I knew nothing about essences and their healing properties. I simply knew the work I was doing with this woman was leaps and bounds beyond what traditional therapy had offered me so far, and I was willing to try anything she recommended.  

I immediately connected with Laurel Leaf's warm, spicy fragrance. It was as if I was reconnecting with my body every morning when I breathed her in as I placed her on my chest. To me, she felt like coming home, and I couldn't explain why.  

Like all healing, Laurel Leaf's supportive ways of helping me step into my authentic self were gradual at first. She started by helping me discern what I wanted in life. Then she began to give me the courage to use my voice. 

With Laurel's help, I've found the forward momentum to speak my truth and show up in my life's purpose. Over time, she chipped away at my inherited self-doubt. She gave me the confidence to do everything meaningful in my career: posing before the camera, showing up in vulnerability in my essays, and ultimately making a career transformation towards my higher calling amid a global pandemic. 

Every single time I have to do a "scary thing," I pause, pull out my little bottle of courage, place her on my chest, and breathe her in. 


Wisdom of the Earth Laurel Leaf WOTE


Recently, I was in a business conversation about the communication hiccups I was experiencing with a team member. My fellow collaborator offered that the team member in question was simply shy around confident people. I chucked to myself when I realized the confident person she was referring to was me. I suddenly had grace for the team member because I know what it feels like to be shy in my bones, and I shared that with my colleague.  

 "I have to believe you're telling me the truth," my colleague replied, "but I can't imagine you as anything other than the confident woman I know today."  

I could feel the younger parts of myself, who used to pray for confidence, swell up in disbelief. 

My secret weapon is Laurel Leaf. She's my version of Wonder Woman's magic bracelets. Instead of deflecting bullets, she deflects my self-doubt. Kinda like a golden lasso, she's there to help fight off the untruths swirling around in my mind about my worth as I step into my truth.  

If this sounds even a tiny bit intriguing, I'd love to offer you a complimentary discovery call. During our session, we will get very clear on what self-love looks like for you. Then we will look at how coaching and essential oils can support you in finding your own unique courage.

Jaclyn McCabe
Jaclyn McCabe


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