What other people think of you is none of your business 🤯

by Jaclyn McCabe October 10, 2022

The first time someone suggested that what other people thought of me was none of my business, I was instantly rendered speechless and bewildered. "What do you mean it's none of my business?" I eventually replied, still confused, "You just let people think shitty things about you and not try to fix it?" "Exactly," my mentor replied nonchalantly before adding, "They get to think good things about you too, and it's still none of your business."Here's the thing; she was right. Not caring what other people think of me is one of the greatest freedoms I've ever experienced. And also one of the hardest, scariest things I've ever done because it's really fucking vulnerable.Once I uncovered enough layers of the shame that comes with living in "not good enough" culture and started replacing that shame with worthiness, I had the courage to put this concept into practice.It was liberating and incredibly uncomfortable all at the same time. As indicated in this Facebook status update, I posted at the time.Today, I think of it as a spiritual practice, the same type of practice of loving my body. The goal is not to 100% be perfect at this 100% of the time. The goal is to be more loving, accepting, and honoring of who you are without the noise of other people's opinions taking up space in your head. Here's the good news, I want to pass on to you the same things taught to me that gave me the confidence to stop caring what other people thought of me and ultimately lead to a freer, happier life. I have a few spots open for free Self-Acceptance Session where we will get clear on what freedom looks like for you and what's holding you back from getting there. I'd be so excited to support you on this journey, and also, sign up today because this offer is only open for a couple more weeks. 
P.S. For those just as bewildered as me when I first heard this concept, here's a buried treasure of the Queen of Self-Love, our girl Lizzo, dropping some truth.

Jaclyn McCabe
Jaclyn McCabe