What are you grateful for?

by Jaclyn McCabe November 15, 2018

Simply taking a few minutes out of my day to write down things I’m grateful for is my go-to self-care tool. Not only does it make my day a little happier, but all the smart scientist people say gratitude helps you sleep better, have less stress, higher self-esteem, and healthier relationships - all the good things! 

What are you grateful for?A super fun way I stay accountable with my g-list is to email it to a few girlfriends. Sharing my gratitudes with my lady tribe is an excellent way to keep up with those who don’t live nearby. Plus every time I open my email, there’s a list of happy waiting for me (better than Facebook). 

An easy way to start is a top three things list. See if you can come up with three things to be grateful for before you walked out the door this morning. 


So far today’s g-list reads like this:

Chicory in my coffee

Crisp morning walk with King Lou

Texts from my stepson


Jaclyn McCabe
Jaclyn McCabe