The Next Chapter...

by Jaclyn McCabe May 29, 2020



It is with a bittersweet heart that I share with you some exciting news. After much reflection, I have decided to transition away from retail and into full-time self-love coaching. 

Amidst all the tragedy of the pandemic, the quarantine also offered some unexpected gifts. For me, the gift was clarity of what I want to do when I grow up. 

I started on this journey toward radical self-love and body-positive advocacy as a lost twenty-something. Struggling to get my foot into the door of a career in either of my college majors and tired of feeling less than while shopping, I opened my first boutique. 

Wow! What a journey! My twenty-something self could have never predicted the life filled with self-love and magical moments these past 14 years have provided me. 

Eight years in the French Quarter, feeling like a kid in my mom's closet, drinking champagne, dressing women from all over the world, and falling in love with fashion. Next, there was a whirlwind hiatus to the West Coast, where I learned who I was—and more importantly, I actually liked myself. In Los Angeles, I also got on-the-ground training in fashion production and discovered the power of a trusted lady krewe. 

When I came back home, I had the opportunity to do retail differently. I wanted Jaci Blue to feel like walking into your best friend's closet: fresh, trendy, warm, and loving. In addition to selling fabulous clothes that actually fit, I wanted to plant the seeds of self-love.

I couldn’t be prouder of my tenure at Jaci Blue. 

We twirled in beautiful dresses, tried on jumpsuits for the first time, and slid our backsides into the perfect jeans. We embraced ourselves over pizza and gathered to watch Hulu tell our story. We danced front row with Lizzo, got our feelings hurt, and found support in the plus-size lady krewe. We met great feminist minds, balanced on our yoga mats, and made friends while jiggling in our swimsuits.

I wouldn't change a thing—namely, I would never give up the chance to have met each of you. 

And although I will no longer be selling clothes, I'm not going anywhere. I will still be championing plus-size women, advocating for body positivity, and showing you how to love yourself. I am simply taking the mission out of the dressing room and into the coaching arena. 

Feeling beautiful in a new dress for a night out is excellent—and also, it doesn't create lasting change. I am passionate about helping plus-size women dig deeper and learn to love themselves wholeheartedly and forever. 

I want to help you fall madly in love with the marvelously made you. And for myself? Honestly, I want to learn what it's like to have a weekend. 

Starting today, Jaci Blue will be offering deep discounts as I prepare to close the store and focus on my coaching practice. Please pass by and tell me about your unexpected quarantine gifts while you load up on sale goods.

Oh, and one last thing—I still believe plus-size boutiques are necessary in this world. That's why this feels so bittersweet. If you have the tiniest inkling that plus-size fashion might be the next chapter for you, hit me up and we can discuss buying possibilities. Because really, just like you, I'm saying, "Where in the hell am I going to shop now?"

Jaclyn McCabe
Jaclyn McCabe