Tame Your Inner Mean Girl Workshop is back!

by Jaclyn McCabe September 23, 2022

The most common thing I hear from the Plus Size Lady Krewe is "I'm tired of the voices in my head." My clients all come to me exhausted from constant self-criticism and convinced they must be broken. We each have an inner mean girl living in our heads. She tells us things that make us believe we are not the right kind of woman. Her battle cry may vary, but it sounds something like too fat, too tall, too short, too loud, too quiet, too old, too young, too different, too basic. The inner mean girl is a tricky little devil who can easily convince us we need to fix something on the outside in order to feel better on the inside.But here's the next most common thing y'all tell me: "I've tried everything! Every food tracker, diet app, or exercise regimen leaves me feeling worse than when I started. I can't do it anymore."I get it; I've tried all those things too.Those things are supposed to motivate you through shame. But shame isn't a motivator. It's an isolating energy that is more qualified to give you the "fuck it's" and leave you feeling worse about yourself. That's why I'm bringing back the FREE Tame Your Inner Mean Girl workshop Thursday, September 29th at 5:00 pm CST. It's designed to give you the roadmap to shut down your inner mean girl so you can change your battle cry to "fuck yeah."

♡ Learn the 3-step roadmap to shutting down your inner mean girl so you can like what you see when you look in the mirror.

♡ Connect with other Plus Size Lady Krewe members so you can stop telling yourself the story of "I'm the only one" or "This works for everyone else but me." ♡ Leave with tools to stop the thought pattern in real time, so you can stop picking yourself apart and start treating yourself like a friend.

As a bonus, I'll be sharing the details of my nine-week workshop, where we get to look at the filters through which we view the world, find out where those come from, and learn how to change our patterns through emotional intelligence. It was a joy to see group members have "a-ha" self-discovery moments and begin to make major shifts in how they show up in the world. I can't wait to do it again.

But first, get on the list for the Tame Your Inner Mean Girl free class!

Jaclyn McCabe
Jaclyn McCabe