Tame Your Inner Mean Girl Workshop is back!

by Jaclyn McCabe April 04, 2022


It may seem hard to believe today, but there was a time when I was the shyest girl in the room. Controlled by my inner mean girl, I would try to shrink myself into the corner of any room I was in. And as a woman in a larger body, that wasn't an easy feat, yet I always seemed to manage it.  Desperately wanting everyone I met to like me and consumed by fear, every voice in my head led to some version of "You're not good enough." When a mentor told me the best way to happiness was to peel back the layers and look inside, I was terrified.  It turns out deep diving into self-discovery isn't actually the scary AF thing I thought it was. In fact, it was the opposite. Learning to embrace myself wholeheartedly––meaning the pretty bits and the not-so-pretty bits–– by being willing to take an open and honest look within was the best gift I could have ever given myself. Because peeling back those layers and looking inside gave me the grace for myself I so desperately needed. With self-grace, my inner dialog became some version of "Hell yeah, you're worthy!" And the icing on the cake is, other people call me confident on the regular––which honestly, is still a little weird to get used to. In other words, the scary self-discovery stuff is worth it because it led me to newfound freedom, happiness, and an unwavering sense of worthiness. This is why I'm bringing back the Tame Your Inner Mean Girl Workshop: Wednesday, April 13th, @ 4:00 p.m. CST.

  • Uncover the internal blocks created by your inner mean girl so you can stop beating yourself up and start liking what you see when you look in the mirror.  

  • Engage with other women on the same journey to self-love so you can release the internalized shame of "I'm the only one."  

  • Change the way you speak to yourself so that you can have unshakeable self-confidence.  

Please join me via zoom and take a step toward a more loving relationship with yourself. It's the perfect starting point to self-acceptance and is not nearly as scary as my inner mean girl told me it would be.

Reserve your spot today, space is limited. 

Jaclyn McCabe
Jaclyn McCabe