Quarantine Playlist

by Jaclyn McCabe April 16, 2020

As most of you know, connecting with my body through a good tune and a morning jiggle has become a part of my daily routine. A dance party with me and my wobbly bits is my go-to self-care tool. It's the quickest way I've found to actually be in the moment. Of course, the song choice is key to a successful jiggle. 
Early on, my dad taught me to pay attention to song lyrics. As my dad and I would take long drives and play songs with great lines, we felt clever ... and in his own way, Dad was teaching me a self-care tool to listen and identify with the lyrics. I'm grateful for all the memorable lyrics I've hung on to over the years. 
I'm super proud of this wildly eclectic #SelfLoveInTheTimeOfCorona Quarantine Playlist that brought me so much joy over the past few days as I was curating it.
So do me a favor: Pretend it's 1994 and I just handed you a mixtape. Listen to it in order - no shuffle play allowed. Let the lyrics in this playlist tell you the story of this moment. Sing so loud your neighbors start to wonder if you've finally lost it. Turn up the volume and let your wobbly bits free. Repeat as necessary.


Jaclyn McCabe
Jaclyn McCabe