Ode to My Belly Rolls

by Jaclyn McCabe February 14, 2019


Valentine’s Day Ode to My Belly Rolls (Haiku)

Stretchmarks paint my life
Laughter jiggles my belly
Squishy rolls bring joy


photo by Jennifer Zdon, Twirl Photography


I have decided to make peace with my pooch. It occurred to me recently that my pooch is part of my lineage. Just like my mother, sister, and aunts, it was passed down to me from my grandmother who probably inherited it from her mother. My grandmother was a thin woman who suffered from disordered eating. No matter what she did to try and control her body, her pooch was always there. I wonder if, like me, she ever fantasized about cutting it off. I hope that, like me, my grandmother found her own way to love her pooch and herself.

Spend a little time loving your marvelously made self today 😘 ❤️ Jaci 

Jaclyn McCabe
Jaclyn McCabe