It sure feels good to me 🎧

by Jaclyn McCabe October 01, 2020


My morning rituals have never felt so important. And while the practices themselves might ebb and flow, taking the time to nourish my mind and body is a necessary self-care tool.  

One thing I do in the morning, no matter what, is to find a way to connect with my body through movement.

I use to think this meant doing hard things that hurt my body - the goal was to get "in shape." I recently had a big "ah-ha moment" about the crafty ways my inner mean girl can twist language and dive straight into diet culture without me even noticing. 

In the modern-day diet sphere of "healthy is the new skinny," the concept of in-shape versus out of shape feels the same as being a good fatty. In practical speak, it's merely another form of self-judgment.

Those terms were so deeply embedded in my lexicon that I hadn't even stopped thinking about the judgment behind them. 

If I weren't judging myself, how would I choose to connect with my body?

After pondering this question for a moment, I've landed firmly on the concept of "magical movement." Meaning, if it doesn't feel magical, then I don't do it!

Magical movement can be bouncing along to Beach Boys' remixes (yes, that's a thing!) in a water aerobics class. Or joining up with Marc at Fat Kid Yoga Club to discover all the nifty ways my body can hold itself up without toppling over. Today, it looked like skipping along the riverfront while enjoying the crisp fall air and some old school R&B.

Magical movement not only gives me moments of joy, but it's also is a great way to quiet that inner mean girl. Because, as I proved this morning, it's impossible to beat yourself up when Tony! Toni! Toné! is stuck in your head. (Oh yeah, and endorphins are helpful too.) 😉

Tell me some ways you are connecting with your body that feel magical. 

❤️ Jaclyn


P.S. I found this little article "Notes On Hope" by Matt Haig in British Vogue really helpful in thinking about this challenging year. 

Jaclyn McCabe
Jaclyn McCabe