Boundaries 101: Tangible tools to start liking yourself

by Jaclyn McCabe May 22, 2023

If I could wish one thing for the Plus Size Lady Krewe, it would be that each of you could stop shoulding on yourselves because you don't like yourselves and start taking care of yourselves because you can see how wonderful you already are.

While I can't fold my arms, blink my eyes, and wish that into reality, I can teach you how to get there.

When we don't actually like ourselves, worthiness feels like an unattainable idea. One way we attempt to prove we have value is by putting everyone else's needs, dreams, and desires above our own. We become the "fix it" friend. The one that will drop everything to fill whatever need we see a loved one has––whether they have asked us or not.

We do this because we get gold stars, which makes us feel good.
But in reality, the gold stars are superficial and keep us stuck doing for others as we ignore our own needs. Eventually, we end up exhausted and resentful as we run from one task to another, never making time to do the simplest things for ourselves.

In other words, what we are doing to feel better about ourselves ends up making us feel shitty. Ugh!

Here's the good news, there is a solution! It's called boundaries, the often misunderstood but crucial element of genuine self-care.

Boundaries are the place where I get to love you and me at the same time. It's a tangible and doable way to start honoring yourself, which leads to liking yourself, which is how we get to contentment and happiness.

That's why I'm hosting a 2-hour self-care workshop, Boundaries 101: Tangible tools to start liking yourself. Saturday, June 3rd, @ 11:30 CST on Zoom.

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If you don't remember the last time you took an hour for yourself or the word boundaries automatically makes you feel guilty, then this workshop is for you.

Jaclyn McCabe
Jaclyn McCabe