Thighs Out!

by Jaclyn McCabe September 08, 2020


I put on my swimsuit and looked in the mirror as I carefully applied sunscreen for a day of boating. Usually, this activity feels like an act of self-care to me - my body is my home, so I protect it from the sun. 

Only not this day. As soon as my cream covered hands touched my legs, my thighs began to wobble, and the inner dialog turned real mean. 

Knowing that I didn't want my inner mean girl to ruin my fun day, I took a deep breath and said to her, "Thanks for your concern, but we aren't doing this today."

The truth is, somedays I don't like my thighs. Somedays, body neutrality is the best I can do. That's okay as long as I don't let my inner mean girl stop me from enjoying my life. 

And this weekend, I really enjoyed life - in a swimsuit, thighs out! 

Tell me all the ways you and your thighs are enjoying life. 

Jaclyn McCabe
Jaclyn McCabe