Around Menopause - The Playlist

by Jaclyn McCabe January 27, 2021

Plus-Size Lady Krewe did it again - you filled up my inbox, and I love you for that. ♡
I appreciate all the encouragement and suggestions from those who are already in your wise woman years. And value those stores from those who are in the struggle with me. If you're not there yet, pay attention ladies, this is how we help one another through the taboos of life. 
You already know I couldn't let this moment pass without a playlist. 🎧📼
You are not excluded from listening to this if you are not currently in the perimenopause club. It's hella useful if you are experiencing some not so fun PMS or simply having a bad day.  
As always, this is not a shuffle playlist. It's made to be listened to in order. Unlike the others, it's divided into two parts––as if you had to flip the mixtape––side one angst, and b side intention. There's even a bonus track à la early cd days that my inner twelve-year-old thinks is clever AF. 
Play it loud, sing as if no one can hear you, and when the tune strikes you, get your jiggle on!

Jaclyn McCabe
Jaclyn McCabe